Why Tattoo Removal is becoming more popular

Whether you have lost the passion for your latest tattoo or for the guy who convinced you to get one, tattoo removal Service is becoming more popular especially with women. Tattoo removal is proof that women still have the right to change their minds.

Improvements to the Procedure
Technology has made removing tattoos easier thanks to medical grade lasers. This technology literally lifts the tattoo from your skin and does not offer as much of a risk for scarring as older methods. Depending on the detail and colors used in your tattoo you can see complete removal or significant reduction in the appearance of the tattoo. The laser breaks down the appearance of the ink allowing it to be filtered away through your body.

Pain Free and Effective
Many women are finding that the new procedures such as Lutronic systems are pain free making it easier to undergo the treatment. Although lasers are used very little thermal damage if any occurs during the procedure. You will still find pinching not too different from the feeling you experienced during your tattoo. Most clinics can apply a cream to freeze the area so you will be completely comfortable. You will have to wear a bandage following the procedure to help it heal and also use a special ointment to avoid infection. You will see a scab form as part of the healing process as well.

How Ink Colors Will Vary
Results will vary based on the colors used in your tattoo. The best colors to fade are blue, red and black. You will also see quite good results with purples and oranges that will fade quite well. Greens and yellows tend to be the most difficult to remove.

Expected Results
The only downside of tattoo removal, if any is that it takes several treatments before you see results. It can take as many as 6-8 treatments. Some people may see results as early as 3-5 treatments and it is dependant on how deep the tattoo has been applied. You will have to wait for the area to heal after each treatment. Healing time can be as long as 4-8 weeks. This procedure is performed by trained medical staff who will be available to assist you if you are concerned following your treatment.

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