Why Student Apartments Are the Better Place to Stay While in College

Attending college can be a terrific time in your life. To get the full benefits of student life, you would do better in an apartment. Rather than being stifled by dorm regulations, you can enjoy a living space designed for those seeking a degree. Here are the advantages that student apartments have over dorms.


While living in dorms, you must live by the rules established by your school. There can be restrictions on when you can have visitors. You must also attend meetings with a resident advisor and be subject to occasional room inspections. But, when you live in student apartments near Penn State University, you have more freedom. You keep you, your neighbors, and the community safe. But, outside of that, there is no monitoring of your guests or activities. You have a private bedroom and bathroom to enjoy and only need to contact your landlord when there is a maintenance issue.


The cost of living in the dorms often includes your utilities and access to laundry facilities. There are times that your meals may get covered as well. But student apartments near Penn State University come with a full kitchen so you can prepare your own meals and store snacks for yourself. You can also enjoy a large common area that you only have to share with your roommates. When out of your apartment, you can enjoy the swimming pool, fitness center, or basketball and volleyball courts.

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