Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Asphalt Sealing in Sun Prairie, WI

Most professionals agree that spring is the perfect time to invest in Asphalt Sealing in Sun Prairie WI. This is true for both residential homeowners looking to have their driveways sealed and for commercial business owners who want to maintain large-scale parking lots. Read on to find out why.

Repair Winter Damage

Wisconsin winters can be brutal and it’s not uncommon for property owners to notice new cracks or even potholes after the weather has started to warm up and the snow has melted for good. Experts recommend sealing asphalt surfaces at least every two to five years but if the winter has taken its toll on a parking lot or driveway after just one year the surface will still need to be resealed. Getting it out of the way in the spring means that there won’t be any time for these comparatively minor problems to turn into major issues later in the year.

Take Advantage of Ideal Conditions

Asphalt needs to cure after it has been sealed and the freezing winter temperatures interfere with this process. Similarly, in the dog days of summer, both extreme heat and UV exposure can prolong the setting process. Spring offers a perfect window of time in which property owners can take advantage of ideal curing conditions and schedule asphalt sealing in Sun Prairie WI.

Be Prepared for Summer

While it’s true that winter has more of a reputation for damaging asphalt than summer, the temperature extremes associated with both of these seasons can wind up causing damage. In the winter that damage is caused by snow and frost but in the summer it’s caused by humidity and heat. Sealing the asphalt now will offer a layer of protection that will prevent unnecessary damage once temperatures start to rise.

Get Help Now

Want to take advantage of the ideal conditions offered by mild spring temperatures to make sure that driveway or parking lot is taken care of? There’s no sense in putting it off until summer when businesses will have to close their parking lots and homeowners will have to move their cars out of their driveways for even longer periods of time while their sealant cures. Click here to learn about one local paving service that can help today instead.

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