Why Should You See the Emergency Dentist in Chaska When You are in Pain?

Tooth pain is something you should never overlook, because it could be caused by a serious problem. Tooth pain could mean you have a serious tooth condition that could cause you to experience damage or lose your tooth entirely. Though you need to see the dentist as soon as possible, it can sometimes be difficult to get an appointment the same day. This means you could be suffering in pain for days and even weeks. Thankfully, there is an Emergency Dentist in Chaska that can help. Through this dentist, you can receive care the same day, without worrying about making an appointment.

* One of the biggest causes of tooth pain is cavities. If a tooth becomes decayed, a cavity will form. This causes the nerve to become aggravated and can cause it to be exposed. An exposed nerve can cause severe pain that can often be difficult to overcome. If you are experiencing pain, the dentist will examine your tooth and take a X-ray, to see how deeply the cavity runs. The decayed portions will be removed and then the tooth is filled with a specialy polymer resin. This resin will seal your tooth and prevent you from feeling any pain.

* Another reason you need to see the Emergency Dentist in Chaska is because you could have a tooth infection. Tooth infections, called abscesses, can place undue pressure on the nerve in your tooth and cause pain. As the infection becomes worsened, your tooth and gum tissue will swell. Infection can spread to other teeth and your gums, causing major problems. To heal an infection, antibiotics are used. The Emergency Dentist in Chaska may also decide to perform a root canal on your tooth, so it is no longer being damaged by the infection.

* If your tooth becomes injured, seeing the Emergency Dentist in Chaska is crucial. Tooth injuries not only cause pain, but they can also cause tooth death. The dentist can check your injured tooth and repair it in a variety of different ways. In the event your tooth is too damaged, the dentist can cover your tooth with a crown or replace your tooth with a dental implant.

For help with your dental emergency, contact Molldrem Family Dentistry. They will be glad to take care of your tooth and gum problems, so your oral health will be protected. Contact them today for your appointment.

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