Why Should You See the Chiropractor in San Diego, CA for a Whiplash Injury?

by | Nov 30, 2013 | Chiropractic

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No one wants to be involved in an auto accident, but unfortunately, most people will experience at least one in their lifetime. When a car runs into the back of your vehicle, your vulnerable neck area often takes the biggest brunt of the impact. When this happens, you can get a whiplash injury that can leave your neck very sore, stiff and unable to move in its proper movement. While most doctors will recommend you take pain medications and anti-inflammatory drugs, these can have dangerous side-effects on your health and do not correct the cause of your pain. To find real relief from such an injury, it can help to have an exam by a Chiropractor in San Diego CA.

In the event of an auto accident, your neck is often jerked around, sometimes severely damaging the soft tissues of your neck and bringing your cervical vertebrae out of their correct alignment. When this happens, subluxations in the neck begin to cause pain and stiffness, limiting your normal range of motion. To make sure your neck heals properly and you find relief from your pain, it is important to immobilize your neck for a few days and to receive chiropractic adjustments to gently move the cervical vertebrae into their proper position, allowing the soft tissues and the nerves in the neck to heal.

Most of the chiropractor in San Diego, CA practioners recommend their auto accident patients have ongoing treatments until they are completely healed. Just as it is easy for the chiropractor to move the vertebrae back into proper position, it is also easy for them to move back out of alignment. This is especially true while the soft tissues in the neck are swollen and inflamed. With ongoing treatment, your whiplash injury can be healed and you can avoid dangerous pain medications.

If you have been injured in an auto accident and now have a neck injury, contact the CK Chiropractic Center and make an appointment for your consultation today. They can treat a variety of painful conditions and will do all they can to bring you relief and healing from your injury.