Why Should You Choose Teeth Whitening Fairfield County CT?

Cosmetic dentistry has come such a long way since it first began. Now, there are many different treatment options to help people overcome their cosmetic dental concerns, so they can be happy with their smiles. One of the most common types of cosmetic dental treatments is Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County CT. Even if you have other cosmetic issues, having your teeth whitened can make a big difference. One of the most popular types of whitening treatments is bleaching. Bleaching removes the deepest of stains and can whiten your teeth even beyond their natural whiteness, so you can have the Hollywood white smile you long for.

How is a bleaching treatment carried out? If you want the whitest teeth possible, your dentist will choose a bleaching type of Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County CT. Bleaching is different from traditional whitening, because it uses a different type of peroxide. In traditional whitening treatments, hydrogen peroxide is used. In bleaching treatments, the dentist uses carbamide peroxide, because it is much stronger. Bleaching treatments reach deep down into all of the layers of your teeth. They can remove tough stains and discolorations. These treatments can dramatically whiten your teeth to the whitest shade possible.

You can only have one of these treatments carried out at a time. If you do not reach your desired level of whiteness through your first Teeth Whitening in Fairfield County CT, the dentist will need to give your teeth time to build up their defensive layers again before you can have further treatments carried out. These treatments can usually be carried out safely around once a month.

Between teeth whitening treatments, you will need to take care of your teeth at home. You will use special toothpastes and rinses, to help further whiten your teeth and prevent staining between treatments.

If you are tired of the way your smile looks, because of stains and yellowing, there is help available. Visit Elke Cheung Dentistry and learn about the many cosmetic and general dentistry treatments they can offer you. Through these treatments, you can have an amazing smile you can be proud of. Contact them today for your appointment.

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