Why Sexual Abuse Counseling in Doylestown, PA is Essential to Dealing With the Past

It’s been said that victims of sexual abuse do not recover in the same way that someone recovers from a broken leg. Bones typically heal and the individual will rarely if ever remember the incident. When someone has been abused, especially by a trusted person who should be a protector, the impact is life changing. Here are some of the reasons why Sexual Abuse Counseling in Doylestown PA is one of the most powerful tools for dealing with what has happened and increasing the chances for a happier life.

Losing the Guilt

Many people don’t understand the guilt that victims of sexual abuse carry with them every waking moment. There’s something in the back of the mind that tells the individual that if this or that had been handled differently, the abuse would never have happened. The result is a victim who begins to assume responsibility for the wrong committed by another individual.

One of the goals of Sexual Abuse Counseling in Doylestown PA is to help the patient let go of that guilt. Coming to understand in the mind and the heart that the abuser is responsible and not the abused has the effect of taking a huge weight off the shoulders. Losing the guilt frees the victim to allow all the anger and hurt to come to the surface, even the parts that have not been expressed up to that point.

Facing Trust Issues

One an individual has been abused; it’s all too easy to hold back around others. If the trust once placed in the abuser turned out to be a mistake, couldn’t the same thing happen again? The inability to trust creates a wedge that prevents the individual from forming relationships with people who have no ulterior motives and truly want to be a part of the victim’s life in a positive way. While it will take time, counseling can help the patient regain the ability to assess others on their own merits, and not by the standard set by the abuser.

Counseling provides a safe environment to come to terms with what has happened and have the chance to learn to live with those events. Contact Mary V. Shull Counseling today and schedule an appointment. With time and assistance from a trained counselor, it is possible to build a brighter tomorrow.

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