Why Services That Provide Auto Glass Repair in Tucson Generally Won’t Install Used Windshields

A company that provides Auto Glass Repair in Tucson often can stop a small chip in a windshield from turning into a crack as long as the vehicle owner gets the work done quickly enough. They may be able to stop a small crack from spreading further, but that isn’t always possible. Vehicle owners may ask if they can save money by having a used windshield installed to replace the cracked one. They may have had other vehicle components replaced with parts from junkyards before. For various reasons, reputable auto glass services won’t install a used windshield.

Individuals who do some of their own auto repair work might consider installing a junkyard windshield, but it’s generally not advisable. Installing a windshield without breaking it is tricky. It also can be difficult to know whether the original gasket around the cracked windshield is still in good condition or whether it must be replaced. If the windshield is not installed 100 percent properly, it may not be effective in some of its purposes. In the unlikely event that the car ever rolls over, for example, the windshield is intended to stop the roof from collapsing. An improperly installed windshield may not succeed.

This is a primary reason that technicians who provide auto glass repair in Tucson typically won’t install a used windshield. The component is considered vital as part of the safety system, and professionals want the part to be in pristine condition. If the technicians were to install used glass, they might not be able to guarantee the labor, and they definitely could not guarantee the part. Technicians from a service such as Dwight’s Auto Glass are dedicated to doing the job right.

A vehicle owner who needs this work done should give his or her insurance agent a call, as many policies replace the windshield even if the deductible hasn’t been met. Even if the insurance policy won’t help with the windshield, windshield replacement by a company that offers auto glass repair in Tucson is generally not one of the more expensive projects to have done on a car or pickup truck. Visit our website to obtain an estimate.

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