Why SEL Activities For Middle School Students Are Incredibly Valuable

If you take time to reflect on your middle school experience, you’ll probably recall difficulties. It’s because that season in life is often fraught with challenges. There is a lot to overcome as middle school students navigate their way into adulthood. That’s why SEL activities are priceless. They can help to develop resilience and confidence.

Importance of Resilience

There isn’t anyone in the world who will get through their entire life without adversity. While adults often develop tools for overcoming hardships, they can be emotionally devastating to adolescents. That’s why SEL activities for middle school students can be life-changing. They can provide a roadmap for dealing with failure when it occurs both in and out of school. A benefit of learning resilience is that it can foster self-esteem. Having a healthy sense of self-worth can impact every aspect of life.

Why Confidence Matters

Confidence matters regardless of what you choose to do in life. Developing confidence in middle school is a great way to equip students for the future. It’s a competency that can make the difference between moving forward with an opportunity and backing away from it. Failure is a normal part of life. A confident student is more likely to keep trying as opposed to internalizing what happened when things don’t go as planned. Lack of confidence can lead to anxiety, stress and many other issues that can be hard to overcome. Learning confidence at an early age can alter the trajectory of a person’s life.

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