Why Rent RFI Testing Equipment?

RFI stands for radio frequency interference and it is sometimes called EMI or electromagnetic interference. The effects of electromagnetic force can wreak havoc on a wide range of electronic devices. This problem can be a result of natural forces like lightning or manmade things like electric motors and internal combustion engines. It is very important for many businesses to prevent this kind of interference and RFI testing equipment can be invaluable. However, do you rent or buy? Let’s check out both options.

Good Things about Purchasing Your Equipment

  • When you buy equipment, you own it and you are free to keep it for as long as you like.
  • You can deduct the money you spend from your business taxes. This will help with some of the cost.
  • Once you buy something, it becomes a company asset and this makes your business worth a little more.

Downside with Buying

  • Depreciation – once you purchase RFI testing equipment it is not worth as much as you paid for it. In fact, over time, its value can decrease quite a bit, and it will become less of a business asset.
  • Outdated – after a while your tools may become outdated. In fact, in today’s high tech world, some things are obsolete soon after they are created.
  • You may have to buy updated tools before long and this is another expense you’ll have to endure.
  • Time consuming – with many companies today, it takes time to approve a purchase. In fact, the request may have to go through several departments and it could be some time before the tools are actually available.
  • Budget considerations – sensitive testing equipment can be very expensive and it can cut into your operating budget. In fact, buying all of your tools and equipment can place you at a disadvantage with your competitors.

Benefits of Renting RFI Testing Equipment

  • Save on costs – it usually costs a great deal less to rent than to buy
  • Taxes – you receive tax benefits from things you rent as well as buy.
  • The latest upgrades – when you rent it is for a specified amount of time and the next time you need them, you will receive the latest models.
  • Time savings – it takes very little time to lease tools and the process is usually much faster than purchasing.
  • Repairs – should your leased RFI testing equipment ever need repairs or calibrating, your leasing service will take care of the matter. This is one less thing to worry about.

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