Why Preschool Is Important and Where to Find One in Springdale, Ohio

Not only is preschool beneficial, but it can be downright imperative for children before entering kindergarten. Read on for information about why preschool is so important as well as where to find a preschool in Springdale, Ohio.

What Are the Benefits of Preschool?

Many wonder whether or not preschool is necessary for young children. After all, it isn’t a required prerequisite to get into kindergarten. While this may be true, the truth is that preschool can prepare children for school both academically and socially in the following ways:


Academically speaking, preschool has a number of benefits to prepare your child for their journey in education. Preschool classrooms often introduce a number of basic early childhood concepts including phonics, phonemic awareness, handwriting, math, and science. Early exposure to these concepts better prepare children for what awaits them in the future, and as such, will give them a leg up upon entering “real” school.


Not only will preschool prepare your child academically, but it will prepare them socially as well. Children who attend preschool will encounter a variety of situations which will help them build character and relationships with their peers. Concepts such as sharing, taking turns and displaying patience are all skills that can be learned in the controlled environment of preschool where a teacher can help facilitate and guide interactions.

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