Why Pre-Plan Cremation Services in Bellevue, Wa?

The thought of pre-planning a Cremation Services in Bellevue Wa is depressing for some people and may seem morbid to others. No one relishes the idea of their own death, let alone the idea of planning and paying for it ahead of time. The fact is that pre-planning provides many advantages.

Practical Advantages

One of the most practical reasons to pre-plan is the cost savings. Planning ahead for final arrangements can save thousands of dollars, depending on the type of service. When the plan is signed and paid for, that amount covers those final expenses regardless of when they are needed. Locking in prices today means people do not have to worry about rising funeral costs.

It also allows people the opportunity to ensure the final arrangements are to their liking. Many times, family members disregard final wishes and plan a funeral the way they feel is proper. It is true that any type of ceremony, burial, or memorial service is for those left behind, but planning ahead does give individuals the last word, so to speak.

Intrinsic Advantages

Peace of mind is an advantage of pre-planning. Knowing family members will not have to be concerned about arrangements or payments as they are grieving is a comforting thought. The very process of pre-planning puts life into perspective for many people. They begin to think about their lives, accomplishments, dreams, and what aspects of their lives they would like to change in some way.

Options for Cremation Services in Bellevue Wa

There are a few options for cremation. A full cremation is much like a traditional funeral and burial. A viewing can be arranged, a religious or secular ceremony can commence, and the urn can be buried in a cemetery. The costs reflect the elaborateness of the arrangements.

Another option is to skip the viewing, have a short ceremony, and then bury the urn. The costs are lower, and the family does not have to spend hours listening to people attempting to console them in their time of grief. Urns can be buried, interned, or displayed on a mantle.

A third option is quick and cost-effective. A direct cremation is simple and respectful. The body is transported to the crematorium and the ashes are delivered or shipped to a family member. Costs are a fraction of the other two options.