Why Pleading Guilty After Arrests in Worcester County, MD Is Not a Good Idea

Being arrested can make a person feel hopeless about their future. They may be worried about whether they’ll be able to keep their job or get a new one in the future. They might be worried about spending time in jail or how to deal with the expenses of a trial or a conviction. This is why, after many arrests in Worcester County, MD, the arrested person will simply plead guilty.

Pleading Guilty Is Never a Good Idea

Many people believe they have no choice but to plead guilty. They figure there’s sufficient evidence and they’ll be convicted anyway, so they want to avoid a trial. Others simply want to get everything over with quickly and may not realize a conviction can impact the rest of their lives. The reality is, just because there is a lot of evidence doesn’t mean the case will drag out for a year or longer and doesn’t mean the person is guaranteed to be convicted.

What Pleading Not-Guilty Really Means

Pleading not guilty doesn’t mean the person did not commit the crime. It simply means they want it to be proven they committed the crime before they’re sentenced. Instead of pleading guilty and being sentenced right away, the person has the chance to speak with a lawyer and find out if there’s any way to avoid a conviction, have the charges reduced, or at least minimize the sentence they’re facing.

Getting Help After Pleading Not-Guilty

If a person does not have a lawyer yet and they’re asked to enter their plea, they can go ahead and plead not-guilty. This gives them a little bit of time to find a lawyer who will work on their case. The lawyer can then start looking for ways to avoid a conviction or to minimize the impact a conviction might have on the arrested person’s life.

If you’ve been arrested, plead not guilty and take the time to speak with an attorney right away. They deal with people who have been arrested all the time and know how to help their clients after arrests in Worcester County, MD. If you need to speak with someone now about your arrest, visit the website of a lawyer who is ready to help.

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