Why NYC Real Estate Developers Love Condos

Many people have wondered why condos have become one of the go-to accommodations for people of all ages. They may be easier to maintain and can house thousands of people in one tall building, but from NYC real estate developer’s view, they’re one of the best assets and most exciting to build.

Compact Developments

The goal for many NYC real estate developers is to get enough square footage for clients to feel comfortable. However, they can’t take up city blocks with their buildings, so they build them as tall as possible. People can still have a three-bedroom condo that is comfortable and holds all their belongings, without having to create elegant homes that are only habitable by one family.

Variety of Choices

Another goal for NYC real estate developers is to use a variety of materials and aspects to create something unique and exciting. Whether they want to use granite and marble or prefer stainless steel appliances, they can design the building how they see fit using their education and learning what the people want.


It is essential that you have walkability in places like New York City. They need to find a space for the building and build it with the client in mind. This also helps them get more ROI for their investment, which means the project has a better chance of being successful and profitable. Clients get the benefits of being able to walk to grocery and retail shops, as well as cultural and entertainment venues nearby.


A developer also focuses on the creative aspect of the building and project. They don’t just want to give clients four walls and a roof/floor. They want to expand their horizons and create luxury that will wow and impress even the strictest of people.

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