Why Kids Thrive at Child Day Care in Valley Stream, NY

Daycare is essential to the millions of American families that include two working parents. Accredited, licensed facilities do an excellent job of tending to children, but some, such as New York’s Business Name, offer much more. In addition to providing top-notch Child Day Care Valley Stream NY, staff members encourage social, emotional, physical and academic growth. Programs designed for kids from infancy through pre-K include plenty of nurturing and parental involvement.

Kids Begin Learning in Infancy

In addition to offering exceptional Child Day Care Valley Stream NY, learning centers offer to learn programs that encourage development in even the tiniest babies. The schools offer age-appropriate programs that are divided into four developmental stages:

• Infant: Babies are nurtured, cuddled and fed by loving caregivers. They also learn through carefully designed programs that include sensory input and sign language. Teachers provide parents with daily reports and detailed descriptions of their babies’ progress.

• Toddler: Most one or two-year-olds fit into toddler programs that help them develop problem-solving skills and learn to think independently. During Child Day Care, Valley Stream NY toddler teachers encourage the development of language, motor, and social/emotional skills.

• Pre-School: Kids as young as three and four begin learning music, art, science, math and language in the pre-school program. Teachers model behaviors that teach students to learn independently and in groups. They are encouraged to socialize, communicate, and ask for help. Kids also learn their names, become interested in books and begin to solve puzzles.

• Pre-K: Kindergarten age students are offered advanced challenges in pre-K classes. They begin to follow complex directions, read independently and understand time. Students develop physical skills that include tracing, dressing themselves, skipping rope and balancing.

Parents Are Encouraged to Participate

Learning Center staff makes sure that parents are always aware of their children’s progress. Through each step of Child Day Care, Valley Stream NY instructors offer parents reports and assessments. The best schools use the ABC mouse online program, which also allows parents and staff to monitor kids’ progress. Teachers welcome parent conferences and encourage families to attend special events, such as holiday festivities.

Good childcare facilities keep kids safe and content, but the best also encourage learning from infancy to pre-K. They offer professionally designed programs that allow children to feel secure as they develop skills and learning tools. Quality schools also make it easy for parents to stay involved in their children’s development.

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