Why Kids and Adults Love Sugar and Sweets

There’s a reason why Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is a classic. One guess: candies. Lots and lots of candies. Every child’s dream come true is owning a factory of candies and sweets. Because people, especially kids, love sweets.

This is likely the same reason why one of the most favorite parts of the Harry Potter book series is the section that talks about Bertie Bott’s every flavor bean or salt water taffy.

Why kids love candies

The Wall Street Journal says kids love candies because the flavors are much more intense. Because while kids and adults have the same number of taste buds, theirs is so much smaller so the flavors are a whole lot stronger. So it’s no surprise that kids go crazy for sweets. But why do you?

Why you love candies

Maybe you love candies for the sugar high. If you’re feeling down, with the deadlines piling up or gloomy weather outside, there’s nothing like a few bon bons or sweets to make you feel better. It could also be because sweets remind you of a time when all you had to worry about was your Halloween costume and how much loot you’ll end up with. Another reason to love sweets is because they make for an ideal gift. It’s no surprise that lovers on valentine’s day load up on sweets to give to their significant others.

Finding candies

Buying candies from your grocery store isn’t quite the same as shopping for them in a local candy store in Chicago. With a candy store, you can expect better quality and variety. So if you want to take your candy shopping to the next level, head on to the candy shop and load up on sweets. From gourmet chocolates to best-selling candies, you won’t have a problem satisfying your sweet tooth.

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