Why It Pays To Choose Custom Valve Manufacturers

One of the challenges for an Original Equipment Manufacturer is to be able to create a new product or a more efficient product than what is already on the market. This means being innovative and creative, something which can be challenging for engineering and design teams if they are restricted by the need to use standard or existing parts and components.

To allow for innovation and creativity in the design phase of any project, weeding out valve manufacturers without the ability to provide engineering and design support is important. Companies with a focus on selling what they produce rather than producing for the customer are never a good match with an innovator in the industry.

Look for valve manufacturers with a focus on custom design, prototyping and production to provide the cost-effective, fully tested and quality valves to add to your new product.

Smaller Systems with Better Performance

One very common reason an Original Equipment Manufacturer looks for custom valve manufacturers is to make equipment smaller, more compact and to improve overall performance and function. In these types of new products, the smaller design makes them highly marketable, particularly where space or system design makes it a challenge to use a traditional valve.

Longer Life Cycles and Lower Maintenance Requirements

While miniaturizing a valve may be possible, it is also critical to consider overall life cycle and maintenance requirements with a smaller size or when increasing the size of a valve.

The customer manufacturer will need to consider the material, the type of valve and the system requirements in order to develop the ideal valve for the new application. Long life cycle and low maintenance will be a critical aspect, as problems with the valve will have an impact on the performance of the equipment over the long term. Quality manufacturers will always consider these factors in all of their design and production services.

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