Why it is Smart to Install Granite Countertops in Minneapolis, MN Homes

Granite countertops can add instant elegance and value to a new home, or give an existing home a beautiful facelift. As a result, many homeowners are choosing to have professionals, such as the experts at Select Surfaces, install Granite Countertops in Minneapolis, MN homes. When they decide on this classic material, they enjoy benefits that include:

  • UNIQUE TEXTURES: When granite is first taken from the earth, it is in the form of blocks. These are turned into slabs, which have few discolorations or pattern variations. They do not have many scratches or cuts, which means that there is little chance that grit or dirt can get stuck in surface openings. Once they are cut and polished granite slabs make uniformly solid surfaces.
  • BEAUTY: Granite is prized for its elegant looks. It is available in a wide array of unique colors that range from muted neutrals to bright hues. Installing Granite Countertops in Minneapolis, MN homes makes it easier for homeowners to match countertops to their decor. Its polished surface reflects off of lighting and other reflective surfaces, creating a warm, beautiful affect. The natural designs in granite also add interest to rooms. Customers can consult with a professional, such as Duane Steen, who will show them a gallery of granite counters, making it easier to choose the right colors and patterns.
  • DURABILITY: Since granite is a rock which comes from the earth, it is extremely durable and hard. It is heat resistant, and is not damaged by cold. Pots and pans do not mar granite surfaces, nor does granite discolor. Homeowners also enjoy granite because it requires little maintenance and will look beautiful, even after years of constant use.
  • VALUE: Although granite is one of the more expensive surface materials, it more than pays for itself. Granite countertops add to your home’s value, and will look like new for a very long time. It can also make it easier to sell your home, since buyers consider granite countertops a luxury upgrade.

Many homeowners are installing granite countertops in their homes in order to increase its function, beauty, and value. They also enjoy the fact the this durable material will remain beautiful after years of use.