Why It Is Important to Have a Primary Care Doctor in San Diego

Your primary care doctor will provide you with comprehensive care. They do physical exams and treat a variety of conditions. They can also refer you to a specialist if necessary. There are several reasons you will need to have a primary care doctor in San Diego.

Lifelong Care

Your primary care doctor can provide you with care throughout your entire life. They will be able to establish a baseline for your health. They can also pinpoint health problems before they become serious.

Holistic Health Care

Your primary care doctor takes a holistic approach when it comes to your health. They are the person you will see if you have a cough or sore throat. You can also see them if you have a chronic condition that needs to be managed.

They Know Your Medical History

In order for your doctor to give you the proper treatment, they have to know your medical history. Your primary care doctor knows your medical history and can follow you for several years.

Save Money

You can save a lot of money if you have a primary care doctor in San Diego. For example, if you get regular screenings, then serious problems can be caught before they become serious. You can also save money by not having to rely on the emergency room for basic health care.

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