Why Is Your Auto Insurance in Winston Salem, NC Still High?

Some people wonder why their Auto Insurance in Winston Salem NC seems to be the same amount they were paying years ago. A person might have the same car they had five years ago with the same coverage. Why would it be the same? There are some factors that determine insurance rates. Looking at those factors can usually explain a customer’s insurance bill.


When companies consider what to charge for Auto Insurance in Winston Salem NC, they look at a person’s creditworthiness. It’s just one of the risk factors that they use to come up with insurance prices. If a person’s credit isn’t that great and hasn’t changed over the years, they might not see any price drops with their insurance. That’s why it’s important for anyone who wants to save money on insurance to take their creditworthiness more seriously.

Neighborhood Decline

When a neighborhood starts to experience more crime and accidents, insurance companies take notice. If a car is more likely to be stolen in a certain neighborhood, people insuring cars in that area will have to pay more for coverage. If there are more reckless drivers in the area, it’s only natural for insurance companies to want to protect themselves by increasing rates. A person who is living in the same area might not be aware that there are more accidents and auto thefts.

Shop Around

Another reason people don’t see any reduction in price even though their car is older and they’ve been with the company for years is because they don’t shop around. A car owner might not even know that they can save 20 percent on their auto insurance simply by doing business with another company. Even if a person has been with a company for decades, it behooves them to shop around from time to time to see if they are getting a fair price.

Any car owner who wants to get a quote can visit a company like Insurance. It doesn’t cost anything to get quotes from insurance companies. People who shop around can find great savings.

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