Why is it important to dilate eyes during an exam?

It is important to monitor your optical health by having periodic eye exams. Prior to getting eyewear in St Paul MN the optometrist will dilate your eyes. Dilation is achieved by putting drops in the eyes which force the pupil to stay wide open, even when the eye is subjected to bright light. Having you eyes dilated is not uncomfortable but it does mean that a good part of your day is ruined for anything else as it takes time for the drops to work, then the examination is conducted and then it takes time for the effect of the drops to wear off. Until this process is completed, you will find it hard to see and get around. There are patients who question the doctor if dilation is really necessary.

The fact is, yes, dilation of the eye is a must when you are getting an ocular exam. When the eye has been dilated the optometrist can see straight to the back of the eye. When the optometrist shines a bright light into your eye he is actually capable of inspecting the health of the cornea, iris and eye lens. If the eye was not dilated and forced to remain wide open, the doctor could not see the back of the eye.

When a person is fitted with eyewear in St Paul MN, the prescription takes into account the entire eye. The back of the eye hosts the optic nerve, the retina and tiny blood vessels, when the eye is fully dilated; these components of the eye are visible and can be evaluated for their health. An eye exam not only takes into account the eye in its entirety, it can also reveal other problems with an individual’s health, hypertension, glaucoma and cataracts being but three issues that can be revealed. The optometrist will expect his patients to undergo dilation when the regular eye exam is performed, otherwise serious problems may be left undiscovered.

A typical healthy adult should consider an eye exam at least every two years. Thos patients who wear corrective eye wear in St Paul MN will be asked to take exams more frequently. Regardless of whether you are taking the exam once every two years or every year, take along a good pair of sunglasses for when you leave the office.

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