Why Investing in a Water Softener is a Must

Not all homes require water softening systems. But if you think yours does, here are likely signs you’ve encountered that tell you it’s time to have one installed:

Itchy and dry skin

While there are other possible reasons for your dry and itchy skin, if it occurs along with the other items on this list, then the likely reason is the hard water coming through your pipes, says the Huffington Post.

Scale buildup on appliances

If there are mineral deposits at the bottom of your tea kettles or coffee pots, that’s limescale. The hard and chalky substance is basically a combination of calcium and magnesium bicarbonate. This buildup doesn’t just form at the bottom of your appliances. These also develop right inside your pipes, eventually blocking the water flow as well. If you see these white deposits, it means you have hard water in your home.

Awful tasting water

These mineral deposits change the way your water tastes as well. If you want better-tasting water and you don’t want to waste money on buying bottled water every single time, then it’s about time to browse through water softening systems and invest in a good one.

Gray and faded clothes

The extra calcium and magnesium ions in your water also make it harder to wash your clothes. These also result in making your clothes fade out that much faster which is why your brand new shirts look old and worn after only a few washings.

Stained sinks and bathtubs

Another sign of hard water are stains on your sinks and bathtubs. These are left behind by the mineral residues present in the water. If there are plaster-like deposits in your bathtub or faucet, then that’s undeniable proof that you’re dealing with hard water problems.

Constant plumbing repairs

Hard water easily deals damage to steel pipes through the buildup of white deposits. Fix the problem by getting a water softener as soon as you can.

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