Why Install a New Sprinkler System in Maui?

Lawn sprinklers come in handy in terms of keeping the lawn looking its best. Over time, any system will begin to show signs of wear. When that happens, the homeowner needs to consider the idea of installing a new sprinkler system in Maui. Here are some of the signs that indicate the time has come to call a contractor and look into different replacement options.

Uneven Watering

In times past, every sprinkler head deployed properly and provided just the right amount of water for each area of the yard. That is no longer the case. The result is that some areas do not get the water needed to thrive. While there is a chance that the problem can be remedied by replacing some of the older heads, the cost may be prohibitive. Talk with a professional and see how much it will cost to bring the current system up to speed. If the expense is significant, consider finding out more about a replacement sprinkler system in Maui.

The Controls Stop Working

The system came with controls that make it easy to set up a watering schedule for the yard. For some reason, the programming has stopped. No amount of effort on the part of the homeowner will get the controls to respond. That leaves having to manually start and stop the sprinklers. Unless the origin of the problem turns out to be something simple, the best bet is to find a new system and have it installed as soon as possible.

The Desire for New Features

While the more common scenario for sprinkler replacement is the need to do away with a system that no longer works, homeowners sometimes want more features than their current sprinklers provide. Talk with a professional and see what it would take to remove the old system and install something with the right combination of features. For example, the homeowner may want to invest in a system that will integrate seamlessly with the home network. That would make it easier to control the activity of the system from a remote location.

Remember that sprinklers should be efficient and easy to use. If the current system does not meet those needs, replacing it is the only practical solution.

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