Why Homeowners Install Granite Countertops in Kent, WA Kitchens

Kent, Washington residents who want to upgrade kitchen cabinets can choose from dozens of natural and synthetic materials. Despite this, many install classic granite countertops in Kent, WA homes. They often work with local suppliers like Granite Top, Inc., who can provide a wide array of patterns and colors. Granite adds timeless beauty and durability to counters and requires minimal care to maintain its good looks.

Granite Increases Home Beauty and Value

Homeowners often install granite countertops in Kent, WA kitchens in order to create an elegant and eye-catching space. New surfaces have depth that reflect the sunlight and create a dazzling effect. In addition, granite is available in a huge array of patterns and colors. In fact, suppliers often include galleries on sites like . Customers can simply select a “click here” option to view options. Choices include colors ranging from delicate pinks and yellows to cool greens, grays and blacks. Installing these beautiful countertops instantly increases home values. Although the stone is more expensive than some other materials, it is often considered a bargain because it rarely needs to be replaced. Because granite also provides timeless elegance, homeowners can change decorating themes over the years without having to alter counter materials.

Easy Maintenance Granite Is Durable

Clients who want the most durable surfaces often choose granite. It is very hard to scratch granite and it is heat resistant. Homeowners can put hot pans directly on countertops without damaging them. Most surfaces are also sealed during installation, giving them an extra layer of protection. If they are chipped materials can be repaired and resealed. It is also easy to keep granite clean and healthy. Surfaces will not collect bacteria. They are easily cleaned with soap and water. Homeowners can also use a special stone cleaner that will restore granite’s beauty, even if it has been stained by acids like soda or orange juice. With just routine cleaning counters will maintain their beauty for decades.

Homeowners who want the most elegant and durable countertops choose granite. It creates a very hard surface that is easy to clean, matches any decor and remains beautiful for decades.

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