Why Homeowners Hire Experts for Tree Maintenance and Limb Removal

Mature, leafy trees add so much beauty to properties that many house hunters include them on “must have” lists. However, even the oldest and sturdiest specimens may need maintenance such as Limb Removal to remain safe and healthy. As a result, homeowners often rely on established businesses like Timberline Tree Service. These experts offer emergency removal services, expert pruning and can even limb reinforcement.

Arborists Keep Trees Healthy

Homeowners often depend on arborists, or tree specialists, to keep their trees looking beautiful. These professionals are part of businesses which have the equipment and experience to examine even the tallest specimens. Technicians can also safely work around electric wires. They spot diseases and dead limbs that could cause problems if they fall. Since Limb Removal is a routine part of good maintenance, they will carefully remove them without hurting trees. However, if technicians find that trees are too damaged to be safe, they can remove them entirely. Professionals have the vehicles to transport even the biggest trees.

Professionals Can Reinforce Limbs

Arborists also use a variety of methods that allow them to avoid removing limbs unnecessarily. They are often able to save the elegant, leafy limbs on older shade trees. Once experts are satisfied that the tree is stable, they may cable or brace limbs. Technicians brace trees by inserting metal rods into strategic points. The rods are secured with cables, which help minimize twisting strain. Professionals might also install steel cables between limbs to support trees and reduce weather stresses.

Experts Offer Emergency Help

Homeowners also hire professionals to remove downed limbs and trees. Most tree companies offer fast emergency service and can safely get even the biggest trees off of homes or vehicles. They will inspect property and roofs, to ensure that all potentially dangerous debris is removed. They also spot and remove trees that are still standing but have sustained damage that will eventually cause them to topple over.

The elegant trees which surround many homes often owe their health and beauty to expert care. Homeowners hire specialists who offer maintenance services that prevent many problems. Tree specialists also offer emergency help when trees or limbs have been downed or are in danger of falling and causing harm.


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