Why Flexible Heaters Are a Great Solution for Your Industrial Needs

No matter what the technological need is for a flexible heater, from the food industry to the aeronautical industry, you can be sure that they will come in very handy. They are known to be very dependable in regard to generating heat for the desired purpose. Here are some of the different types of flexible heaters from which you can choose


These types of Flexible Heater Solutions have a set of polymide films that act as a sandwich for a thin etched foil element. The polymide film is held fast by an acrylic sealant. The benefits of these types of heaters are the fact that they can withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. These temperatures can vary from 320 degrees below zero Fahrenheit up to 396 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silicon Rubber

These types of heaters are used for general purposes. They are not used for specialized purposes like polymide heaters are. However, they are capable of withstanding much higher temperatures, in most cases up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit. The thicker material makes them ideal Flexible Heater Solutions. The material also acts as a barrier to moisture so it is also ideal for underwater heating purposes.


This third type of flexible heater are options that are custom made for the end consumer. This is because they are needed for purposes that require a lower heat transfer. They are also often a more economical choice versus the silicone because they can be crafted to the customer’s exact specifications, eliminating any unnecessary waste.

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