Why Fireplaces in Bellevue, WA Homes Are Becoming More Common

Bellevue, Washington’s chilly winters mean local homes need efficient heating sources. For decades, that meant central HVAC systems. However, in recent years professionals like Thompson’s Hearth & Home have been installing more Fireplaces in Bellevue WA, homes. The choice is popular because fireplaces can be eco-friendly and still offer contemporary good looks. They are also favorites because suppliers offer gas, electric, and wood styles that combine decorative charm and efficient heating.

Gas Fireplaces Offer Elegant Efficiency

Homeowners who want elegant but affordable heat sources often install gas Fireplaces in Bellevue WA, homes. Quality models can be installed during construction or added to older homes. They are available in styles to match any decor. Gas fireplaces can be turned on with a switch and include thermostats. Providers offer creative venting solutions that guarantee safety and convenience, and fireplaces provide heat even when there is no power. There are freestanding models as well as inserts that can be installed in existing fireplaces. Suppliers also offer a range of elegant outdoor gas fire pits,

Electric Models Solve Decorating Problems

Many clients who cannot install chimneys or gas lines opt for electric fireplaces. They are cool to the touch and are available in a variety of sleek, contemporary designs. Electric styles fit into any decorating scheme easily because they can be customized. Clients can choose from a variety of back-lighting, finishes, and logs. Fireplaces are easily controlled with switches and can be installed indoors or out.

Classic Wood Fireplaces Are Eco-Friendly

Wood-burning fireplaces are almost as popular today as they were at the turn of the century. However, modern styles include elegant surrounds that fit into any decor and include control devices. There are inserts that allow homeowners to enjoy the warmth of wood-burning fires and freestanding stoves to efficiently heat spaces while adding tasteful decorative touches. They are EPA certified to produce Earth-friendly, clean heat. Customers also enjoy the fact that the stoves can heat their homes during power outages.

Homeowners in the Pacific Northwest often use fireplaces as heat sources. The choice is popular because suppliers offer gas, electric, and wood-burning styles to fit customers’ needs. They can also install complete fireplaces, add inserts, and provide free-standing models. Browse site for more information.

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