Why Families Trust Established Experts to Create Grave Monuments in Connecticut

Most families find themselves choosing grave monuments during some of the most difficult times of their lives. The task can be further complicated by the fact that most people know very little about the process or even what cemeteries allow. As a result, generations of families have turned to established professionals like Shelley Brothers Monuments in order to ensure that they get the markers they want. Clients ordering monuments in Connecticut know that they will get sensitive guidance and exceptional craftsmanship.

Experienced Professionals Offer Caring Service

Established businesses that manufacture monuments in Connecticut have years of experience helping clients navigate all of the decisions they must make. Professionals gently help families decide what type of marker they want. That can be a complex issue since most families want beautiful memorials but many have limited budgets. In addition, some cemeteries only allow head or foot stones. Fortunately, monument experts help clients choose products that make the statements they want, regardless of how simple or ornate markers are.

Craftsmen Combine Art and Technology

Clients are offered a wide range of stone types and colors during the design process. They can also select from a range of lettering styles and may add symbols. When they are ordering elaborate, memorials many include statues, engraved images, and meaningful emblems. Regardless of the type or size, craftsmen design and create using old-world techniques. They use software that combines art and technology. Clients can see renderings of finished projects and make changes.
Professionals Also Restore Existing Monuments

Some customers¬†Domain URL and hire craftsmen to restore existing grave markers. Professionals will travel to cemeteries and recreate lettering, carving and engraving. They clean stones and can match original fonts. Technicians work with many types of surfaces, including granite, wood and brick. Their on-site work also includes inscribing memorials that clients bought and had installed. This is a common when clients buy family plots and request that members’ names and vital information be added as they are buried.

Connecticut families often do business with the same monument businesses for generations. They rely on these caring professionals to provide compassionate service and exceptional results. Clients also hire established monument craftsmen to add new lettering to existing markers and restore the engraving, carving and lettering on old ones.