Why Everyone Needs Living Wills in Bel Air, MD

Most people like to be in control of their own medical care. You may also want to spare your family as much pain as possible. However, if you are ever critically injured in an accident and don’t have a living will, your family might have to make life or death decisions for you. Getting your wishes in writing before a tragedy strikes can make a huge difference in how your family deals with the condition. living wills in Bel Air, MD are often used for this exact purpose.

In a living will, you outline which life-prolonging treatments you would like to have and which ones you do not want to be used if you are unable to speak for yourself. Anyone can have a living will. In fact, since younger people are more likely to be seriously injured in accidents, they might benefit from them the most. Regardless of your age, if you want to be in control of what happens to you, you should have a living will. Call attorney Michael S. Birch for more details.

A living will can be prepared on your own using software or with the help of an attorney who focuses on estate planning. In order to put together a living will, you will have to consider your values, your definition of life and how your loved ones will deal with your decisions. While some people want to be kept alive by any means necessary, others don’t want to burden their family with the financial and emotional cost of them living on extended life support.

In the event of an accident or illness that leaves you unable to express your wishes to your medical care team, your living will go into effect. Like all other estate planning documents, it’s important to review your living will periodically to ensure it still reflects your wishes. Visit Michaelsbirchattorney.com to learn about living wills in Bel Air, MD and other ways to control your health care, such as a medical power of attorney. This option allows you to assign someone to make decisions on your behalf. If you aren’t legally married, this document may be necessary to have a partner, close friend or family member work with doctors when you can’t.

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