Why Every Spouse Should Have a Divorce Attorney in Springfield OH When Their Marriage is Over

Whether you and your spouse made an amicable decision to end your marriage or you are filing for divorce after years of abuse, you need a good divorce attorney to handle your case. Signing a settlement agreement without having a lawyer look it over first can be a huge mistake. Spouse who get divorced without legal counsel often lose a significant portion of their share of marital assets.

If you have never been divorced, you probably don’t know your rights in the process. There is a significant difference between separate property and marital property that can affect whether you leave your marriage with what you deserve or not. Over the years, time may blur the dates on when property was purchased. If you were living together for several years before you got married, who owns what assets may be confusing. A divorce attorney in Springfield, OH can help you understand what legally belongs to you or your spouse separately and which items should be divided equitably.

Sometimes, spouses will give the other property that would be considered marital assets because they feel sorry for them or because they are being bullied. A lawyer can serve as a intermediary in the process to ensure that neither spouse walks away from the marriage with more than they are entitled to have.

Custody and child support are often contentious issues in divorce. Many spouses give up the fight because they don’t want to put the children in the middle of a huge custody battle. A Divorce Attorney in Springfield, OH can help you fight for what you believe is best for your children and may be able to help you protect your children from some of the fallout by giving tips and good advice about how to talk to them and explain what is going on.

Couples who have written their own divorce agreements can benefit from having Feinstein Legal Services review the documents. In some cases, one spouse will try to hide assets so they aren’t subject to the divorce agreement. A lawyer may be able to help a client find those hidden assets before the divorce is finalized and the assets are lost.


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