Why Every Cat Needs to See a Veterinarian in Yorktown NY Before Becoming a Pet

Owning a pet is one of the most rewarding experiences. With so many stray cats needing a place to live, it can be tempting to bring every single one inside your home. Before making a stray cat an official member of the family, however, it is important that you bring the feline to a Veterinarian in Yorktown NY. Even though the cat may look healthy, only a vet can determine the health status the animal.

The first thing a veterinarian will do is take blood work. The cat will be screened for many different types of diseases. Specifically, the vet wants to make sure the animal hasn’t contracted a contagious feline virus, such as feline leukemia (FeLV). While owing a cat with FeLV is possible, the cat will have health problems their entire life. FeLV positive cats also have shorter lifespans. Since FeLV is highly contagious, it is imperative that pet owners keep the animal away from other cats in the household.

A Veterinarian in Yorktown NY will also treat the cat for parasites. Although parasites are not usually life threatening, they can pose problems for the animal. A cat infected with tapeworms, for example, may not be able to digest all of the nutrients from their food. If the worm grows too large, it can also cause internal damage to the cat. Most parasites are treated with a simple injection or oral medication. If the vet sees fleas on the animal, they may prescribe a treatment for the owner to administer at home.

The vet will also recommend that the new cat is spayed or neutered. Sterilizing an animal, even if it is an indoor pet, prevents more unwanted litters from being brought into the world. Studies have also shown that spaying a female reduces her risk of developing breast cancer, which is almost always fatal for cats. Neutered males are less aggressive and usually no longer feel the need to mark their territory.

Many stray cats end up making great pets. Before introducing one to your household, however, be sure to have the cat examined by a local veterinarian. Browse Our Website to see other treatments that would also be beneficial to the newest member of your family.