Why Engaging the Services of a DUI Attorney in Martinsburg, WV Makes Sense

Driving while under the influence of alcohol or any type of drug is not a wise move. For anyone who has made this unfortunate choice and ends up being pulled over by the authorities, the most prudent thing to do is seek out the services of a DUI attorney in Martinsburg, WV. Here is what the attorney will do in order to ensure the rights of the accused party are protected.

Evaluating the Circumstances Surrounding the Charge

While the client may freely admit to the DUI attorney in Martinsburg, WV that the individual should not have been driving, there is still the matter of making sure all legal procedures were followed. To this end, the attorney will quiz the client regarding the events in an attempt to recreate what occurred. If there were any other occupants in the vehicle, they would also be asked questions. The attorney will also want to see a copy of the police report, and once the details are clear, the attorney can begin to work on behalf of the client.

Developing a Strategy

Since there is no doubt of guilt, the focus is on determining how to plead and what can be done to ensure the client receives the most lenient sentence that the court by law can extend. To this end, the attorney will want to point out that the client has never been arrested for DUI in the past, and, in fact, has a clean record all the way around. Making sure the court understands that the client does take responsibility and will not repeat the error again is important.

Keep in mind that even when the court is thinking in terms of leniency, there will still be repercussions; the attorney will help the client understand what to expect in terms of punitive actions. This will likely include the necessity of completing a court-ordered class on driver safety, plus community service, and if there are past infractions that must be considered, the sentence could involve some amount of jail time.

For anyone facing a DUI charge, securing legal representation is a must. Contact  and arrange a consultation with an attorney. Doing so will make it much easier to face the court and increase the chances for the best possible outcome.

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