Why Dryer Vent Cleaning in Hartford, CT is Important

Cleaning out that lint screen in the dryer after every load is helpful, but will not prevent blockages in the dryer vent. It is a routine maintenance habit that should be exercised, but having the dryer vent professionally cleaned every few years is also important. Professional cleaning can rid the entire vent system of accumulated lint and particles that cause blockages. That improves the efficiency of the appliance as well as prolonging the life of the dryer. It also cuts down on utility costs and extends the life of clothing, bedding, and towels.

Dryer Vent Cleaning in Hartford CT is also important because it prevents fires. The dryer vent is not something that is foremost in the mind, so it is neglected by most homeowners. Fires appear to happen suddenly in vents but are actually a buildup of lint, heat, and time. A blockage prevents the heat from escaping the home, and the air is forced back through the dryer. The dryer is moving and filled with clothes, so air cannot escape that way. The heat builds up, and the trapped lint ignites. The resulting fire is a surprise, but not a mystery.

There are a few signs of a blockage that are typically dismissed by those in a hurry to get chores completed. Taking longer to dry the clothes, for example, is a sign of a possible blockage. That musty smell in the laundry room could be dirty socks but could also be the dryer vent. When homeowners cannot remember the last time the dryer vent was cleaned, it is time to call a professional. Some companies that offer Dryer Vent Cleaning in Hartford CT will conduct a free video inspection of the vents to determine if they do need cleaning. Homeowners can go to website name to set up an appointment for their free inspection.

In addition to simply cleaning the vent, repairs and services are offered as well. The vent can be re-routed, for example, to increase efficiency. If the vent is at a severe angle or does not direct heat in a downward direction, heat and lint may not be properly exiting the system. That will contribute to blockages and conditions for a fire. Breaks in the vent can be repaired immediately as can lose joints. The cost of cleaning and minor repairs is much less than replacing a dryer and restoring the laundry room after a vent fire.

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