Why Dentists Offer Facial Esthetics In South Elgin, IL

Illinois dental patients receive many invaluable services from dentists. They monitor the condition of the patient’s teeth and gums. They identify conditions that require treatment for improved oral care. Now, these dentists offer Facial Esthetics in South Elgin IL to enhance their appearance completely.

What is Botox?

Botox is an injectable filler offered by cosmetic surgeons traditionally. Today, dentist offer these cosmetic options. They use these injectables to treat dental conditions and manage pain. They also use them to improve the aesthetic appeal of their patients.

What Conditions are Treated Through Botox?

Dentists use Botox to relieve pain caused by TMD. Temporomandibular disorders are the result of injury to the joint. Grinding the jaw, arthritis, and stress are common causes of these disorders. Dentists inject Botox into the joint directly. The treatment relaxes the muscle and reduces pain.

Patients who wear night guards could experience pain as well. Night guards are an appliance prescribed to stop bruxism or grinding of the teeth. More patients report severe jaw pain with these devices. Botox is a new remedy for pain due to devices that restrict jaw mobility at night.

Improving Aesthetics of the Patient

More dentists use dermal filler therapy with Botox injections. This helps patients after periodontal flap surgery. The filler pulls the gums up to the lip line. The combination prevents an unnatural appearance.

Botox to Enhance the Appearance of the Mouth

Dentists perform standard cosmetic procedures to enhance the mouth. They offer lip injections to produce full lips. This enhances the appearance of veneers and crowns after installation.

Benefits for Orthodontic Patients

Dentists use Botox after orthodontic treatments. They re-position teeth to correct alignment issues. However, hyperactive muscles reduce the benefits of the treatment. This causes a relapse of the alignment. They inject Botox into these muscles to reduce these occurrences.

Illinois patients find a solution for pain through their local dentist. Dentists and orthodontists offer cosmetic treatments for these purposes. These procedures also improve the appearance of the patient’s smile. Patients receive these Facial Esthetics in South Elgin IL by contacting Business Name and scheduling a consultation today.

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