Why Cremation in Bel Air is the Best Option

In the U.S alone, over one million persons die annually, and close to forty percent of their loved ones or family members now decide on cremation as the step in saying a final farewell to the deceased loved one. And, before the end of this year, this number is projected to increase to nearly fifty percent. Why do many Americans now prefer to use cremation services? To answer that question, it is necessary to take a look at the relevant social, religious, and economic factors.


The cost of traditional burial services, when compared to Cremation in Bel Air, is extremely high, making cremation the cheaper option. Cremations typically cost about one-third of the total amount that is required for traditional burials. This is because the cost of embalming, leasing of vaults, and procurement of caskets is not included.

When the family or next of kin decides to use cremation services, it significantly cuts down on all the additional costs and stress which come with preparing for a traditional funeral service. It removes the ancillary costs in addition to saving money that would have gone to pay for the burial plot.

Religious Acceptance

A lot of religious beliefs now see cremation as a palatable substitute for the traditional rites. Though these religions typically prefer the conventional funeral services, the aversion to cremation services has now diminished significantly.

Most religions that previously banned it, designating it as a pagan custom, now accept cremation as an alternate option that doesn’t impinge on their system of belief.

Range of Options

Americans usually have very busy lives, which leaves a small amount of time for the requisite preparation and execution of traditional burial ceremonies. This is due, in part, to cremation being seen as having more flexibility and greater portability than conventional funeral services. As opposed to traditional services, Cremation in Bel Air can be performed immediately. This can relieve the burden of having to wait weeks, or even months, for planning and holding of memorial services. This ranks high among the reasons why families now prefer direct cremation.

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