Why Continue to Visit a Dentist in Attleboro MA?

Most adults do not continue with preventative care, neglect stained or crack teeth, and ignore many symptoms of gum disease. Reasons include high levels of anxiety, lack of dental insurance, or embarrassment about the current condition of their teeth. Some have lost their dentist and have not found a new one or have difficulty fitting appointments into their busy schedules.

Dangers of Neglecting Oral Health

Putting off an annual examination or rescheduling a cleaning once in a while will not result in permanent damage, but making a habit of it gets dangerous. If one year of not seeing a Dentist in Attleboro MA turns into three years, problems will develop. Teeth will stain and discolor, breath will become foul, and cavities will form.

Complete neglect will result in rotting teeth, gum disease, and possible loss of teeth. All those reasons for not going to the dentist will be exponentially worse. Minor anxiety over a dentist pick at an examination will now be extreme anxiety because a root canal procedure is needed. The cost of x-rays will seem cheap compared to the cost of dental implants to replace missing teeth.

The issue of finding time for one appointment in the schedule now seems simple because it will take three separate visits to remove those remaining teeth and be fitted for dentures. The time, money, nerves, and hassle of maintaining oral health is a fraction of what it is to repair damage.

Talk to the Dentist

Any Dentist in Attleboro MA will work with patients to customize treatment plans, offer solutions for anxiety, and provide options that are affordable. After a cleaning and an examination, the dentist can prioritize any other work that may be needed. A bridge can be placed in the mouth, for example, to avoid the expense of a full set of dentures.

Non-surgical implants are now available that are less expensive and less time consuming. Other advances include drill-less fillings, digital x-rays, and low cost whitening options. People can click here to explore possibilities to maintain excellent oral health. Get to a dentist before the damage becomes extensive. Poor oral health effects the health of the entire body because it can cause infection, respiratory issues, and blood pressure.