Why Contact a Tree Service for Lot Clearing?

Whether property owners have recently acquired a piece of land to be used for a specific purpose or have owned a property for some time and have recently decided to put it to good use they will have to perform Lot Clearing before any serious work can be done. Clearing the land is in itself actually a fairly complicated process. As a result, most property owners choose to leave this job to a professional. Here’s why.

Specialty Equipment

Most property owners don’t have the specialized equipment on hand to safely cut down trees, remove brush, branches, and stumps, and get the lot ready for use. Going out and buying, or even renting, stump grinders, chainsaws, and wood-chippers would constitute a pretty serious investment. It doesn’t make sense to invest in new equipment to clear just one lot.

Specialty Knowledge

Even if the average property owner were to go out and buy all of the necessary equipment for clearing a lot himself, he would still lack the necessary knowledge to do so safely and efficiently. Specialists like those employed by Timberline Tree Service know how to safely fell trees and remove them from the property without posing a danger to any nearby structures or themselves.

Worker Safety

As noted above, clearing trees is a dangerous occupation. This is true even for those who know what they are doing and have all the right safety gear. As a result, companies that provide Lot Clearing will also provide insurance to cover any workers. If an individual goes out and decides to buy a chainsaw and try to clear a lot himself, he will be held responsible for any personal injury he or anyone else incurs as a result. Injuries are not uncommon when amateurs attempt to perform work that requires the knowledge and skill of a professional. It’s best to play it safe and trust an experienced tree service with this kind of work.

Hard Work

Aside from requiring knowledge, experience, and specialty equipment, clearing a lot also requires a lot of hard work. Many property owners simply aren’t interested in doing this kind of manual labor themselves. For those who aren’t in good physical shape or otherwise don’t feel up to the task, there is no shame in entrusting the job to a pro.

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