Why Consider Grave Markers in CT?

More and more people are using Grave Markers in CT to honor loved ones instead of large and expensive headstones. There are many practical reasons for this practice. The first is a matter of cost. The average funeral these days costs up to ten-thousand dollars. Adding the cost of a headstone onto that is too much for families to afford. Grave markers and foot-stones are cost-effective and still allow visitors to the cemetery to find the grave and pay respects.

Another reason is that markers take up less space. The deceased does not care about the size of the memorial. Memorials are not for the dead, they are for the living. As long as the deceased is remembered and the grave can be located, there is no real reason to take up huge amounts of space.

Slanted Grave Markers

When a marker is used in lieu of a headstone, the best type of Grave Markers in CT to select is slanted ones. Not to be confused with foot-stones, these markers are cut so they are free-standing above the ground instead of flat to it. The markers can be as simple or elaborate as headstones, include names, dates, and designs, and still stand out as a tribute to the deceased.

They are made of marble, granite, and bronze and come in a wide variety of colors and textures. These markers are also popular for use as markers and tributes to deceased pets. Unlike headstones, the work for these is typically done on-site at the monument and memorial company.

Consult an Experienced Company

Although markers can be purchased online, it is wise to have them created by local and experienced professionals, such asĀ Business Name . Cemeteries have specifications regarding markers. A local company will be familiar with those specifications and will recommend the right size to purchase. Zero dollars will be saved on a cheap marker that cannot be placed in the cemetery.

Select Your Own Marker

Pre-selecting and paying for a grave marker before it is needed is a wise investment. The family will have one less element to decide upon once death occurs. It also ensures that people will have the exact marker they desire to mark their final resting place. Choose the style, lettering, and color that best suits your personality and get to see the final product.