Why Choose Wire EDM Services?

Machinists and fabricators provide essential services to the manufacturing sector. Among the many processes they can choose to offer, are wire EDM services. This technology finds favor among certain industries including those producing military products and medical devices. They realize its potential to improve the production of refined parts.

Advantages of EDM Wire

EDM wire is a unique technology capable of offering certain advantages to its operators and their customers. Among the most desirable are:

Tolerances: EDM wire produces tolerances of +/- 0.005
Material: The process can slice through some of the world’s hardest materials. A list includes

1. Tungsten Carbide
2. Stellite
3. Nimonic
4. Inconel,
5. Nitralloy
6. Hastelloy
7. Waspaloy

Shapes and Configurations: No matter how complex the shape or whether the demand is for a thin walled part, EDM wire cuts precisely and cleanly without any distortion
Versatility: Wire EDM processes have the capability to produce a single prototype. They can also easily handle large runs
Finishing: While other cutting tools often leave burrs or other problems, wire EDM does not. This reduces the need for further finishing

Wire EDM services provide the wherewithal to slice more effectively and accurately than many other devices do, including die, plasma or laser cutting machinery. What is also in its favor is its affordability. Wire EDM is truly a cost-effective cutting solution. It saves on production time with its minimal setup, reduces labor and often eliminates the need for further process such as heat treatment or secondary cleanup processes, which can inflate the original price considerably.

Wire EDM Services: A Precise, Cost-Effective Cutting Solution

In producing medical devices, complex shapes are the norm. Preciseness is necessary to deliver military and medical components of exacting tolerances. The ability to deliver fast, precise and cost-effective solutions are easily within the realm of wire EDM services.

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