Why Choose Racks Over Floor Stacking for Your Warehouse Storage?

Are you looking for a storage solution that makes better use of space in your warehouse? If so, you might be considering racks instead of floor stacking your products.

Floor stacking might look appealing on the surface because it means you do not have to spend money on a racking system. The problem with floor stacking, however, is that you lose money from both its low space utilization and high labor costs to maintain.

Rack may be more of an upfront investment, but the returns are quite measurable over time. Here are just a few reasons to consider adding racks to your current warehousing storage operation:

Use Your Vertical Space

Is your business growing? Do you hope to expand in the future? If so, you will need space for product. Pallet racks will allow you to turn the vertical space in your warehouse into storage.

Greater Selectivity

Floor stacking can often mean having to move multiple pallets just to get to the pallet you need. The lack of selectivity it affords is a detriment to productivity. A racking system can store your product in a much more organized manner, from which it can be efficiently picked by workers.

This simple logic can go a long way in providing better service for the people who purchase your goods – it allows orders to be fulfilled more quickly which will help to keep your customers coming back.

Passing the Savings Along to Your Customers

The right storage solutions can save your company a lot of money. When it comes to pallet storage, the right racks make all the difference. Choosing durable, adjustable options that allow for maximum safe storage with minimal floor space is exactly what you want to reduce storage costs and increase profit productivity. 

Contact Frazier about which pallet racks are right for your business’s ever-changing needs. You just might find that the best option is well within your budget – and beyond the capabilities you imagined!

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