Why Choose Custom Current Transformers?

If you want to protect your electrical system or control circuits, you may need to think about a wide range of overload protection devices, including 1a current transformer applications. A one-amp metering transformer can provide a great deal of protection, but not all CT applications are the same. In fact, you may be better off with custom CT components instead of “off the shelf” choices. Here are some reasons why.


You may have special needs for current metering, and a typical 5a or 1a current transformer may not be what you require. Custom CTs can be designed to provide many kinds of metering functions or options because they are made to your specifications.


Are you upgrading your control circuits? Maybe you need to replace some components, but you do not want to replace the entire system. When you do business with a CT manufacturer offering custom-made transformers, you enjoy a perfect fit. In fact, you can install your upgraded 1a current transformer applications in the same mounts or spaces as the old ones.


A stock CT may only have two taps, and this is fine for some applications, but what if you would like to have more? Your custom CT manufacturer can create all the taps you need. This gives you a perfect fit, and you do not have to make alterations elsewhere.

Core and Coil Sizes

Do you need to meter lower or higher currents than a standard CT can handle? This is not a problem when you turn to companies offering custom CTs to your specs.


In control circuits, space can be very limited. In fact, a typical CT meeting your specs may be too large. Instead of changing your entire panel, you can order a custom-made CT to perfectly fit your panels.

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