Why Cast Iron Chimineas are Better than Other Wood Burners

With summer right around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you can do to make your backyard an inviting place to for you and your guests to hang out. For most people that includes the patio, patio furniture, maybe a pool, and some sort of fire area. Fire pits are cool, but for some people building a fire in just a circle of rocks is fairly difficult. For those people, a cast iron chiminea is the way to go.

What is a Chiminea?

Chimineas originated in Spain and then became popular in Mexico. Originally they were made out of fired clay and were used to provide heat and used for cooking. Now companies have been making them out of cast iron for some time. The cast iron chimineas closely resemble an old, round wood stove. Generally, there is a round bottom where the wood and fire burns, and a long tube or chimney on top to take the smoke away. They are different from a gas fire pit because you actually put wood into it rather than just lighting propane. They are very functional, especially the custom built ones from The Bernard Company. They have turned the fire pit into wood burning art.

Choosing a Cast Iron Chiminea

Like anything, there are a million options out there for a cast iron chiminea. There are different sizes, you can get a factory made one, or you can go for a custom build one like those made by The Bernard Company. There are three different types: clay, steel, and cast iron. Each have their own benefits. The clay ones are biodegradable and come preassembled. The steel ones are pretty durable, and the cast iron ones resemble a wood stove. The Bernard Company uses recycled metal for the cast iron chimineas.


Appearance wise, you can’t beat the cast iron chimineas. Especially the custom built ones, they are essentially art. So much time and effort goes into each individual one that you’d be crazy to not go with the custom built one. Guests can sit comfortably around the chiminea and enjoy the warmth, not the mention that the smoke coming out of the top so it does not get in people’s eyes. An extra benefit is that the smoke will deter those pesky summer mosquitos.

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