Why Business Owners Looking To Lease Commercial Space Need To Seek Help From A Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Leasing commercial real estate is a huge undertaking for any business owner. Commercial leases not only involve complex issues, but they usually require the business owner to sign a long-term contract, locking them into a particular space for years on end. For that reason, it’s vital that business owners don’t sign on the dotted line before they have a chance to review the contract with a qualified and experienced real estate attorney. Neglecting to do so could have serious financial and legal consequences for the business owner and put both them and their company at risk. Keep reading to find out more about why having help from a real estate attorney is key in any situation involving commercial contracts.

  • Simply stated, dealing with commercial lease agreements can be intimidating for business owners. There’s often a lot of legal jargon involved that they may not really understand. Unfortunately, signing their name to a legally-binding document that they don’t fully comprehend could come back to haunt them in later years. A Real Estate Litigation Attorney will be able to comb through the initial contract with the business owner and help them fully grasp what they are about to sign. This helps ensure that all parties involved are fully aware of their responsibilities and that the landlord won’t be able to take advantage of the business owner.
  • Once the business owner understands what’s in the contract, a Real Estate Litigation Attorney can then help them evaluate whether or not it meets their needs, whether the terms of agreement are fair, and whether all possible issues that could arise have been dealt with. If there are issues with the contract, a real estate attorney will be able to use their negotiation skills to help both parties reach an agreement that upholds the interests of the business owner and is fair for everyone involved.

While the thought of finally having their own space can seem great to a business owner, it’s important that they don’t let their emotions cloud their good judgement. A real estate attorney’s sound advice is needed to ensure that any contract they sign is favorable for all parties involved and won’t cause issues in the long run. Get in touch with the experienced legal team at Hogan & Associates P.C. to find out more about how their attorneys can protect and guide business owners they set out on an exciting new venture.

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