Why Auto Repair POS Software Is Better Than A Traditional Cash Register

Many auto repair shops still use a cash register and aren’t connected to the Internet. They may not think they can afford such a luxury or believe that, as a small business, they don’t need one. However, if you feel that way, you could be missing out, as POS software is much better than cash registers.


The primary goal is to make your life simpler, and the best way to do that is with auto repair POS software. A Point-of-Sale system stores everything digitally, all ready to be accessed when you need it. Traditional cash registers don’t offer that option, making you sort through receipts, and potentially lose valued customers.

More Than Just Money

Point-of-Sale systems can do more than take the money and give change. While that is the primary goal of the system, they can also help you manage your inventory, manage employees, and save customer’s information for the next time. Likewise, you can create purchase orders, reorder with a few clicks, and sometimes automate the process, as well.

Look Up Features

What happens when your customer calls in to ask about past services or when their last oil change was and when it’s due again? Without auto repair POS software, you may not be able to help them. Customers may get frustrated and take their business elsewhere, leaving you in the dust (and the last century).

Likewise, you can use it to look up how many transactions you did last month on the same day and start to determine why sales are down (or up!).


Many employees feel more comfortable with technology and may prefer a Point-of-Sale system rather than an outdated register. Likewise, you may find that productivity increases, as people aren’t always waiting for the cash register, and you may also be able to take other payment methods, as well.

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