Why Are Texas Bourbons Popular?

Texas has always been a state that loves its fair share of bourbon. Ever since 2010, Texas has been known for its meteoric rise in bourbon production infused with their own take on the spirit.

Currently, Texas has more than 100 local distilleries, all of which are part of the Texas Whiskey Association (TXWA). As Texas continues to be one of the largest producers of premium quality bourbons in the United States, there are many reasons why Texas bourbons are rising to fame.

Diverse Flavor

Although there is much diversity in bourbons, the Texas Whiskey Association strives to define exactly what a Texas bourbon is. These spirits are known to be big, intense, and bold. When the first Texas bourbon was released, residents referred to it as the “nectar of the gods,” which explains just how significant Texas bourbons are.

Grain to Glass Process

Instead of purchasing bulk whiskey from out of state, a Texas bourbon is made in the state from grain to glass. This approach means that local distilleries source their corn from West Texas and convert it into premium quality bourbon themselves. Although this is a time-consuming process, there are no compromises on quality when it comes to Texas bourbons.

Famous Distilleries

One of the main reasons why Texas bourbons are becoming popular is because of the famous distilleries that stand behind them. Balcones Distilling produces a range of popular bourbons including Baby Blue and their pot-still bourbon. Each of these has a unique and delicate whiskey flavor, making it immensely popular across the United States.

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