Why Are Shoes So Important in Pinup Style?

Accessories are important in 1950s pinup-inspired outfits, and pin up shoes are no exception. With the right pair of shoes, you can tell others if you are subtly seductive, or a woman on the prowl. High heels were usually the best choice with any outfit, but boots, wedges, and peep-toe shoes helps to put the icing on the cake. Choosing the right shoes can transform your looks.

Lengthens the Legs

With the right pair of heels, you elongate your legs, giving your figure a more dramatic look. High heels promote healthy posture, making you look more confident in any scenario. When you look and feel more confident, the right high heels can help you strut into a room, letting every man gaze upon your curves and your long legs.

Coordinates with the Outfit

The right accessories can make an outfit look completely coordinated and flattering; your shoes are no exception. For example, a little black dress seems like a plain choice without additional accessories. Even if it has the shape and design of a pinup dress, it isn’t complete without the right pair of leopard-print heels or leather boots. Your shoes have the power to give your outfit a completely different personality.

Adds Additional Sex Appeal

While shoes may seem like an insignificant part of an outfit, your shoes have just as much power to seduce as your cleavage. A sling back or a peep-toe shoe reveals just enough of your foot, making onlookers wonder how you look underneath them. Add a little bow on top to make your sex appeal seem innocent on the outside, even if you have something completely different in mind for when the shoes come off.


Your pin up shoes aren’t just used for taking you from one place to another safely; your shoes are another opportunity to use your outfit as an expression of yourself. Pinup fashion is all about using the natural curves of your body to command the attention of a room, enticing the crowd with your undeniable sex appeal. Your shoes should be able to command the same effect, allowing you to strut into a room like you’re walking the runway during fashion week. Once you find the right pair of shoes to bring your outfit to life, you are only a few steps away from looking and feeling like a true pinup girl.

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