Why an Auto Accident Claim in Wilkes-Barre PA May Not go to Trial

There’s a running joke in the legal field: What does a lawyer call it when an Auto Accident Claim in Wilkes-Barre PA goes to trial? The answer: a big mistake! Auto insurance carriers and attorneys view court trials as a last resort, and they usually do what it takes to avoid a trial for the reasons listed below.

Jury Unpredictability

Both sides want to avoid trial due to uncertainty over what a jury may do. Juries can be capricious, unpredictable, and easily led by simple factors. Some jurors tend to think all plaintiffs are money-hungry opportunists, and others believe it’s their civic duty to put a stop to high damage awards. Juries in different places may come up with different rulings even when faced with the same facts. Juries are a big unknown in the claims process, but an attorney can help clients prepare for trial.

Knowing What the Claim is Worth

Another reason insurers and attorneys want to avoid jury trials is that both sides are pretty good at assessing the value of an Auto Accident Claim in Wilkes-Barre PA. An experienced professional will know about various injuries, and they can tell clients how much to expect for a particular injury. While a soft-tissue injury, pain disorder, or certain treatment can make assessing a claim’s value harder, insurance adjusters and attorneys can usually come up with a fair value.

Trial Isn’t Always Financially Feasible

Money is a primary reason many auto accident cases don’t go to court. Trials are expensive, especially when they involve professional witnesses, and costs can quickly get out of control. By settling out of court, both sides can exercise greater control over their fates. While there may be no need for the investment of a trial, it may reduce the chances of a large payout.

Taking an auto accident case to court is only a necessity when parties can’t reach an agreement. If a plaintiff feels they’re entitled to more money than is being offered or they just want to take the case to court, the lawyer can’t force them to accept a settlement offer. Visit Eliasworkerscomplaw.com for more information or to schedule a consultation.

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