Why All College Students in Michigan Should Choose Off-Campus Housing

The start of the new semester is growing near, and it’s time for you to make some serious decisions regarding your living arrangement. And while living on campus might seem like the no-fail option, it actually comes with a world of downfalls. Here is why you might find an off-campus apartment to be more suitable.

They Will Save You a Ton of Cash

Money is scarce for the typical college student. And with campus facilitators requiring a hefty lump sum for dorm costs and a ton of other unnecessary expenses, you will probably be strapped for cash for the entire semester unless you decide on apartments near WMU. These off-campus apartments are priced to fall in line with your budget, allowing you to live comfortably and have more control over your money.

They Will Give You Access to a Wide-Variety of Amenities

There is only a matter of time before the campus fun grows old. Fortunately for you, apartments near WMU are fully equipped with a wide range of amenities, like a full-service gym, a refreshing pool area, and a ton of other great attractions, making it impossible for you to ever grow bored in your day-to-day life.

They Give You the Privacy That You Deserve

The extensive list of dorm rules and regulations won’t apply to you if you decide to rent your own apartment. As long as you are respectful to your neighbors and community, you are free to live life on your own terms.

Don’t settle for less this semester; go to 58 West to make your college experience worthwhile.

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