Why a Professional Needs to Hire a DUI Lawyer in Chicago

A DUI lawyer in Chicago can help professionals who have been arrested for drinking and driving because they especially have a lot to lose in criminal court; in some cases, they can even lose their professional licenses because of DUI convictions. Policies regarding arrests or convictions can vary from company to company. If an employer finds out that a person has been convicted of a DUI, the individual could be terminated from his or her position. Without a lawyer’s help, it can be extremely difficult to avoid being convicted of a DUI after an arrest, and even so, some people still show up to court to face alcohol-related charges.

So, why would a person think that a DUI lawyer in Chicago isn’t needed? Some people really think that justice will always prevail in the courtroom. If an individual is truly innocent, that person might feel the court will find that out, but the unfortunate truth is that courts don’t work like that. The judge is in court to hear arguments and go over the evidence, so if a person is innocent but doesn’t know how to prove it in court, a conviction is likely. A lawyer, on the other hand, can argue for a defendant by presenting evidence and convincing both juries and judges of a defendant’s innocence. So, people who need help proving their innocence should visit the site of a lawyer to get the help that they need.

There are times when a lawyer won’t focus on whether or not a defendant is guilty, but instead, they will focus on how evidence that led to the charges was gathered. For example, if a cop says that a defendant was pulled over for not using a turn signal but the dashboard camera shows otherwise, a lawyer can argue that the stop wasn’t justified to begin with. When this happens and the lawyer succeeds in proving it, the evidence gathered during the traffic stop won’t be able to be used in court.

There are a lot of ways that lawyers can seek to challenge evidence, so it’s always best for defendants to have the best legal help that they can afford. Since convictions can cost professionals money when they lose their jobs, a lawyer should be considered as an investment when facing alcohol-related charges.

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