Why A Poured Floor May Be The Perfect Home Flooring Option

Commercial kitchens, hospitals and laboratories have used epoxy floors for many years. A Poured Floor is a safe and hygienic option that commercial contractors have long appreciated and took advantage of for their clients. It is also now possible to have that same type of flooring installed in any residential setting. It is a unique option that may not appeal to everyone because it is so different from other types of flooring material. However, many of these people would change their minds if they were given the opportunity to view the finished result.

Urethane, acrylic and epoxy floors are all quite similar. They become a seamless and smooth surface because they start as a liquid and are poured and leveled across the entire floor. This means that homeowners never have to worry about cleaning grout lines or seams and will never have edges that lift, chip or curl. The flooring is water resistant because spilled liquids have no seams or pores for liquids to seep into. A Poured Floor is a sanitary option too because the flooring is antibacterial and anti-fungal. They are easy to keep clean and require little more than a regular sweeping and mopping. It is also a safe option for homes that have allergy sufferers.

This is not a flooring choice that people have to “settle” for because of its convenience and safety. Professionally poured floors can include an endless variety of decorative touches including creating patterns with incredibly intricate designs and numerous colors. Many poured floors include flakes of various colored materials. The mix of flakes, how they are scattered and how many are used are all something that the designer or homeowner controls. All of the options make it possible for every homeowner to have a floor that is entirely unique.

With the assistance of Hoffmanfloorcovering.com and homeowner can have a beautiful floor they will be proud to show off. They flooring material is perfect for any room of the house or even as a flooring option in a garage. It is beautiful, affordable and very durable. Find out more about the advantages of this flooring solution and schedule a consultation and estimate for any home or business. You can follow them on Google+ for more information.

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